EURO-ALLIANCE is a leading center for education and training

EURO-ALLIANCE is a leading center for language training for students and adults. We conduct courses and individual training in various European languages. In our programs we apply modern methods of teaching and learning relevant language skills. EURO-ALLIANCE enables students of different ages and skill levels to obtain the desired training.

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  • Съвременни програми
  • Иновативни методи
  • Електронни материали
  • Техническо обезпечаване
  • Ефективност на обучението

Training methods

  • Work in pairs
  • Role games
  • Drama
  • Songs and poems
  • Interactive activities
  • Work on projects
  • Tests
  • Discuss read book


All year training, parallel-school programs in small groups;

Fun lessons and various competitions;

Knowledge that support the preparation and build material in school;

Individual classes, according to personal need for an accelerated and concrete learning and skills;

Preparation for the application of language in secondary and higher education institutions in Bulgaria and abroad.


EURO-ALLIANCE trained staff with different professional orientation and training. They are in the field of state and municipal administration, education, banking services, manufacturing, military, nurses, civil servants, managers in leading firms and others.

Professional development, update knowledge and enhance competence

  • Language learning
  • Professional courses
  • Computer technology and Internet
  • Competence validation

Our upcoming courses

Our entire program of courses - language and professional planned to start.

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