Pedagogical specialists

  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • Psychologists
  • Speech therapists
  • School counselors

Pedagogical specialists

Education of Pedagogical specialists

List of programs for pedagogical specialists

38010001 Techniques for working with an interactive whiteboard
38010002 Technology of preparation and execution of computer presentations
38010003 Teamwork and team efficiency
38010004 Use of an interactive whiteboard in foreign language teaching
38010005 Peculiarities of teaching English in primary school
38010006 Project management of students in English language teaching
38010007 Improving communication skills in English when participating in international projects
38010008 Aggression - what we do not know about it
38010009 Building a system for financial control and management in the school (SFUK)
38010010 Preparation of a portfolio of pedagogical staff
38010011 Conflicts-essence and course. Building conflict resolution skills.
38010012 Model of project-based learning
38010013 3D printer in the learning process
38010014 Working with children with special educational needs (SEN)
38010015 Stress in the workplace. Ways to deal with stress.
38010016 Quality management. Building school systems for the quality of education. Training for self-assessment working groups.
38010017 Augmented reality in the learning process
38010018 Methods for increasing motivation in learning
38010019 Effective communication between teachers and parents
38010020 Business communication and PR training
38010021 Distance learning forms
38010022 Digital citizenship. Personal data protection and cybersecurity. Dangers for children in the network. Juvenile delinquency, criminal and administrative liability of children and parents.
38010023 Cybersecurity, dangers and crimes in the network, protection of personal data and responsibilities of children and parents.
38010024 Innovative teaching methods using computer technology. Interactive training and presentation.
38010025 Interactive forms of training and increasing the motivation of teachers to apply innovative methods in teaching.
38010026 Active interaction between the family and the educational institution
38010027 Effective participation of parents and family in the school community
38010028 GDPR - REGULATION (EU) 2016/679. Necessary measures in educational institutions on the requirements for personal data protection.
38010029 Training for sustainable development in vocational education.

Trainings for pedagogical specialists

  • On-site training
  • External trainings
  • Free training under European programs.

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