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French language systems for secondary school students and adults

French language (le français, la langue française) is third among the Romance languages ​​in terms of number of people who speak it as a native language, after Spanish and Portuguese. The official language is French and another 28 countries. Spoken in Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Algeria, Tunisia and others. It is official and administrative language of many communities and international organizations, including the European Union.

ECHO - Publishing Cle Internationale

Modern, communication system fully adapted to the common European language requirements for studying in French. The system is approved by the Ministry of Education. Predznachena is for students grades 9-12 and adults. This book is the result of long work on the cooperation of teachers and creators worldwide. The system complies with the European Language Certificate TELC, which in turn corresponds to the Common European Framework. They grammatical cover material DELF / A1 / to DALF / B2 /.

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